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There are three Cante Jondo analyses published to date, explained in full in the article “Further Analyses from the VIAMAP” (see the original post here). The three performances, although all of them martinetes, are very different one from another, were it because of the different personnalities of the performers, or because of the different periods of time of the recordings:

  • Inés Bacán’s “Y a la Puerta Llaman”, from WN (NAÏVE) 145004-8, first published 1998, with Inés Bacán (cante)‎ and Moraito on percussion (nudillos)
  • Las Doce Acaban de Dar” sung by El Camarón de la Isla, originally from the 1973 album/LP Philips 6328100 (B6) El Camarón de la Isla Con la Colaboración Especial de Paco de Lucía
  • Pepe de la Matrona’s “Cante del Yunque”, originally from the album Cante Jondo N° 3, ‎‎1957, LDY 4134-A1

More explanations and literal analyses of the three performances are available in the accompanying article (see above).

1 (51): Y a la Puerta Llaman sung by Inés Bacán (uploaded 25/03/2021):

2 (52): Las Doce Acaban de Dar sung by El Camarón de la Isla (uploaded 25/03/2021):

3 (53): Cante del Yunque sung by Pepe de la Matrona (uploaded 26/03/2021):

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